воскресенье, 21 сентября 2014 г.


A small girl Olivia was always too active and restless. She was incredibly impatient and could not finalize everything that she dealt with. Her mother, who was the teacher of English, decided to keep her daughter occupied with something useful. She presented Olivia English dictionary. The girl was excited with the book which was so colourful and full of bright pictures. Olivia had been rejoicing at the dictionary for the whole day. In the evening, when she went to sleep, she put it on the bookshelf. Surprisingly, his neighbor was French dictionary. ‘Hello’, said polite English dictionary. ‘Hello’, said French one in a severe and arrogant way. ‘I have to confess that our small master is so nice girl, isn’t she?’, said English book. ‘Do not you mistake her for somebody else? ‘No, it is Olivia, is not she?’ ‘Yes, it is true! However, I thought the same, when she took me in her hands, at first. Do you think that she will study your English? She will not even look you through!’ ‘What pointless things you say! You are heartless! I will assure you that she will do her best to study English!’, the second dictionary defended the girl. 

Time passed, the mother began to notice that her daughter had forgotten about the new book. Once upon a time the mother said, ‘Olivia, would you like to visit your cousin in England?’ ‘Of course, Mum!’, replied the girl. ‘Dad and I have planned to go to England on Christmas. But you will stay at home with granny because you cannot speak English and your cousin will not understand you.’

After that Olivia commited herself to excels at English. Every evening she asked her mother to read the English dictionary in order to learn some new words. In addition to reading, her mother told her how it is worthwhile to know foreign languages. Olivia did not know that learning new words can be so exciting because her Mum tried to simplify it.

Meanwhile, Christmas had come and Olivia was worthy to visit England. She had been studying English very persistently and the trip happened. Christmastime was indescribable, excellent and eventful. Moreover, Olivia was extremely pleased with her cousin and presented her French dictionary. Regarding dictionaries, French was apologetic for its offensive and rude behavior and they, finally, they hadled everything and put up with each other. 

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