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Hello, guys! I'm Yaroslava. I am the person of the twenty-first century and it is 2014. I live in Ukraine and official language of my country is Ukrainian. It is my mother tongue as well. Apart from that I study foreign languages at the university. My first language is English and French is the second one. I suppose, you will be interested in my possibilities to learn English. 

To begin with, nowadays it is impossible to imagine our life without computers. They have become essential things in our studying. Every student has his own laptop.  I guess that you are a litttle out of touch with using all this stuff, but I wiil try to explain you some of it. 

First of all, you can easily get hold of your teacher on the Internet, using email, if you have some questions about your home assignment. Besides, you have the opportunity to come into contact with your colleagues via different social networks. You can  , chat with them, ask a favour or set up a meeting on the Internet. What is more, you will completely pleased with this service because it cannot run out, it is free. It is very important to communicate with native speakers. It will help you to get rid of your regional accent and to improve your pronunciation.
 I would like to get your attention to the fact that all students actively use the Internet to enrich their knowledge. For instance, if you do not know how to use a word in a correct context you can visit a website where you can make a word map. It helps you choose suitable adjictives, nouns or verbs to make a collocation which is naturally used and makes sense. It looks like this:

You can use another website to see the collocation in a graphical view, creating a word cloud. It looks very cute :)

Then, there is a wonderful website with the help of which you can get a definition, translation and the main kick is the source where the word was used in this sentence. It is exciting because you can be interested in this article and draw lots of useful information for yourself. Moreover, reading such articles you will know how to use particular words in right context. For example:

Playing with other children requires your tot to use and be exposed to language.

Play promotes language and literacy
Playing with other children requires your tot to use and be exposed to language. Little ones who frequently engage in play, particularly sociodramatic play, show an increase in the total number of words used, the length of their sentences and the complexity of their speech.
What you can do: Give him blocks. Yes, blocks. In 2007, Seattle Children's Hospital Research Institute and the University of Washington conducted a study of 175 toddlers, half of whom were given two sets of building blocks. Those who played with blocks scored 15 percent higher on their language assessment than those who didn't.

The study's authors theorized that block play may have replaced other activities that don't encourage language development (such as television and baby DVDs) and may even improve attention capacity.

There is one more site, which gives you an opportunity to сreate your own flashcard set in Quizlet. You will look through your flashcard set and it will be easier for you to memorise these words. There is a link where you will find my flashcard set: 

As you see, nowadays we have great possibilities to improve our knowledge, practice our skills and get a lot of enjoyment from studying. You can even apply for a job or get through to any company, using the Net. (If only your electricity will not cut off and you will access the Internet :) 

To sum up, everybody knows that the guaranty of the success is diligence and persistence. There is even a remarkable figure of speech: 'No pains no gains!'.

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  1. If these people won't be swamped because of such a deluge of things, they are cool. They will be able to jot everything down in "Word" and accomplish their vocabulary tasks due to this advices.

  2. Hi. It´s a pleasure for me to read your post; where you used a huge range of figure of speach.This useful sourses will definetely help me maintain contact with language variety. Do your best.