воскресенье, 7 сентября 2014 г.

Hi! I am a second-year student and I study at Ostroh Academy. A new studying year has begun like the fire breaks out. I suppose nobody was waiting for it. At any rate, I hope it will be without considerable difficulties, but full of great honour. I was glad to see all familiar faces again)) By the way, I would like to tell you about my impressions from the sudject ‘Vocabulary’.

To begin with, my opinion about the aim of this subject was mistaken. I thought we just would have to learn 40 or 50 words every classes. However, after our first lesson I understood that was not enough’. Our goal is to learn words in a particular context in order to use the word in its suitable meaning. The main concern is than such phrases are translated in a different way. Phrasal verbs are classic example.

Another interesting thing was the method of learning a new word mean. We were proposed to divide all words in some groups in order to avoid utter chaos in our notebooks and remember them more easily. We face the prospect of enriching our vocabulary because before we will graduate we have to know 10 000 words (actually, like Churchill)! I would like to back down because actions speak louder than words. I realise that I just need to do my best in my studying. Consequently, I will not take offence at my results, but entirely satisfied with  them. 

To give a brief summary,  we should reflect on the issue how to manage all great difficulties and how to absorb necessary information like a sponge (this skill is very useful).  As a matter of fact, I have to admit that I have made a real effort to finish this post on time) My dear colleagues, do not take so strong criticism while commenting my post))

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  1. According to the my translations of things we all were mistalen about common goals of the subject. By the way, my own predictions about this subject were vice versa to the reality) I used to expect that our classes would be borring due to the inundated number of words for learning and thats all. I didn`t know how creatively we are going to collaborate)