вторник, 14 октября 2014 г.


I meet my groupmates every day, but I have never noticed their gestures. The home task from vocabulary has got my attention to their body language. So, I have observed a combination of behavior that my colleagues display. I would not like to jump to conclusions and to be misinterpreted so that I will try to explain you in details my interpretation of their gestures.

I would like to begin with Hanna. I guess everybody will agree with me that she is the most striking personality of our group. She is always full of interesting ideas. When she dreams something up, she drums her fingers on the table or just in the air. Alternatively, she bites her nails when she is nervous. Besides, Hanna can easily cheer you up.

As for Olena, at first glance she seems to be as quiet as a mouse. Mind you, she is outgoing, thoughtful and cute girl. Olena is a diligent and hard-working student who studies on two department. I have noticed she touches her head when she read something.

Yulia is optimistic, cheerful and always delighted with life. The most remarkable sign of her body language is definitely her smile. That is why I think that Yulia’s moto is live and let live.

Everyone knows that Olesia is introvert. However, she use excessive hand gesturesAs a matter of fact I suppose that she would like to open up, but perhaps she is afraid of being disappointed with her interlocuter Incidentally, Olesia often frowns when she is dissatisfiedconfused or annoyed.

As for me, I think that I excessively use hand gestures. Maybe my groupmates will notice something interesting in my body language. As far as my personality it is concerned, I am cheerful, optimistic, sensitive and sociable person. At the same time, I can be too straightforward, irritated and stubborn. I try to fight with these traits of my character in order to get on with people.

By and large without gestures people would look like robots. Body language is an essential thing which makes our life colourful

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  1. Please, don't interprete an introversion like a lifetime diagnosis )

  2. Interesting interpreting of Olesia’s behavior. I've noticed gestures you pour out when disclose your stubbornness ;) I am observant,Bear it in mind.

  3. Ohh, I'm really glad that you've used your peers photos. By the way, I hope you are observant person. May I sk you smth? Have you ever misinterpret body language? Have you ever had a red fase, if yes tell me why. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you.