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New Autumn

It was autumn and Jess was in sheer desperation. Firstly, she lost her temper. ‘Girl, you are going mad!’ everybody said.  She wanted to hear nobody. Jess was always in tears, she was hysterical, she was horrified, she was devastated. Jess could not put her problems into words. But now she is just sitting on the bench in leafless park. She is heartbroken, she is gutted. It is the only question in her head. ‘How he could betray me?’ She is recalling the story that definitely has changed her life.
Jessica is from rather rich family, despite the fact that she lives in a village. She has always taken an interest in children and books. Сonsequently, she has had a dream which was taking off more and more every day. It was a children bookshop.  It was by-effect of her childhood which was like a fairy-tale. Almost all her free time Jess was reading the books and connected herself with characters.
Anyway, one day her dream came true. Her parents made a great present for her birthday. It was the bookshop in the nearest town! Jess was just stunned. The girl was so devoted to her job and worked so hard that she did not consult an expert when she set up her business. The bookshop had become popular, very soon it was appeared a small puppet theatre, as a result, her business was booming.
However, Jessica felt lack of something and then she understoond what exactly. The girl fell in love. He was  a boy from a quite poor family. They met each other in her shop when Jack bought a small book for his niece. It was love at first sight. Jess did not know that happiness is so simple. Even when Jack was just close to her, she was elated.
At the same time, her parents noticed that Jess absorbed bad vibes from Jack. Moreover, he began to interfere in daughter’s business too much. Even her friends said that he had bad impact on her. The girl did not want to hear anything, she was over the moon.
The time has passed and Jessica began to notice that her lover behaved in a mysterious and weird way. He became more annoyed, rude and impatient, but she still loved him. One day Jack appeared and his face was another than always. She felt that something terrible is going to be and she was not mistaken. ‘I do not love you any more, I abandon you. Well, and one thing is left to say: the shop is mine now.’ That news was like a thunder.  Jess was so gobsmacked that she could not say a word.
After that, the trial was began. However, nobody could prove that Jack is a perpetrator. The documents were true, they even had a Jessica’s sign. It was a mystery how Jack managed to do such fraud, but he left the owner of the shop.

Jess is scrolling this story in her memory many times. After betrayal and long litigation, the only thing that Jess wants to is to relax somewhere on the seashore, reduce stress, to forget about everything, to escape from lies, to start life from the scratch.   

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  1. You wrote a life-story. It seems like the main idea for a new roman ) Love needs only to be declared if it is truly love and not a reaction from one’s temporary lust.
    The word “love” is losing what is has always meant.