среда, 1 октября 2014 г.

Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure.

People are incredibly changable creatures. They always live in search of something, though they often do not know exactly what they are looking for. Monotonous life can kill them and even can lead to depress, especially in autumn when the wheather сontribute to this. Of course, there are some thingі which we want to be permanent, like love, health, friendship, goodness, happiness, for some people partnership, for other people even motherhood or brotherhood.However, we are prospecting for better life so that we need changes.

Petrarch said the same ideas. He was pro-Renaissance with completely different thoughts than, for example, Dante. It is obvious that new emotions and new impressions could beautify our lives, make it cloudless and hopeful, fill with unforgettable events. Diversity saves us from such terrifying things as sadness , passivity, indifference and boredom. 

To my mind, first of all, it is concerned the youth. In particular, they often change their jod, their dwelling, their hobbies or even their circle of friends because they need new feelings, they want to get new experience, they are not afraid of replacement, surely, in comparison with adults who have mature and formed outlook. That is why young people dislike so much sameness. 

A lot of psychologists advice change the conditions when depression or something like that is about to come. So, if you wish to divert yourself from routine and oppressive autumn just take the map. Close your eyes and put your finger at random, this way you will find the destination of your trip. All in all, let's go travelling! 
P.S. But only on the weekends, keep your mind that you are studying :)

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  1. There are still few people, whose tastes are like medieval. They want everything to be done with cutting-edge technologies, but in a very rigorous way. It's like a plague, so I understand your thoughts.