четверг, 27 ноября 2014 г.

Fulfilling results :)

Time is flying . It seems that recently we have had to write impressions about our first vocabulary class, and now we have had a final class on this course. It would be illogical if we did not summarize our results. By and large, in my last post in this trimester I would like to express my impressions and achievements after finalization of the course of Vocabulary of Contemporary English. 

To begin with, undoubtedly, my anticipations  have come true. I have enriched my knowledge with very useful collocations which I have not known at all or which transfered from my passive vocabulary to active one. Futhermore, my groupmates and I actively us them on our English practical classes that help to memorize the words better. As I was saying in my first post, it is very important that we have not learned the word itself, but in a particular phrase that foster better insight into its meaning and context. It was interesting to learn different English figures of speech, sayings and proverbs. 

Alternatively, I have noticed that the dictations on our classes encouraged us to 'absorb' the collocations more promptly:) As a matter of fact, it was sometimes difficult to learn and accumulate some words without previous analysis of them on our classes (I mean formerly writing our dictations). Mind you, I suppose it would be very helpful if professor said mistakes in our posts so that we could put them up, not make them any more and improve our marks.

By the way, I valued all the classes on our course:) We were learning to work in groups that promoted our team spirit as we had the common goals and collaboration with each other. It made our subgroup more friendly:) Moreover, different videos made our classes more exciting. In addition, we had to include not only texts, but also videos and pictures. To be honest, it sometimes took too much time, but I think that I will be able to use them while teaching to make the lesson more interesting and interactive. 

Broadly speaking, I hope that our classes will be solely as funny, interesting, productive and effective as they were in this trimester. We are grateful our professors for their patience:) Good luck and nice holidays! :D

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