понедельник, 24 ноября 2014 г.

Houses and Buildings

My dear fellows Marcians, I am hysterical and gobsmacked. I am close to the construction of indescribable form. As a matter of fact, I am loosing my temper as I have not met anybody for the whole hour (like in Uranus) in spite of our hectic planet! I have no insight where I am at this moment. I was flying in the space while suddenly my innovative, up to date device, which is in mint condition, particularly my spacebike broke down, because of inexplicable reasons. Perhaps, I jumped to conclusion, but I inclined to assure you that I have discovered new planet which is called the Soil or something of that sort.
Mind you, firstly, I have thought that this structure seems to be ram-shackle, abandoned and fall into decay.  But then, I was informed that this weird building, which they (kind of creatures who name themselves ‘people’) call museum. It is located in Ostrog, small ‘town’ (such stacks of incomprehensible and pointless words!) in the west of their country. Formerly, if to trace the history, I have got to know that this ‘medieval tower’ was used to serve for defence! Imagine only! When I learned it I was giggling and couldn’t stop. Today even tiny rocket can entirely destroy this shed. I can’t look forward to getting hold of my planet.

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