воскресенье, 8 февраля 2015 г.

Incredible trip

Finally, I’m in Ostroh. Some parts of Ukrainian roads are for daredevils! I guess, my trip will hit the headlines of all  tabloids, quality papers and colour supplements. ‘Celebrity who is get used to lavish lifestyle travels to small Ukrainian villages instead of Bahamas’, ‘Incredible facts about Keira’s Knightley pravicy ’,or  ‘Findings prove Keira’s bankruptcy’ and other rumours J

Anyway, the press is extremely interested in the reason of my travel. There is nothing secret to leak. I wanted to try something completely new, strange and unusual. Do not spread stupid allegations about my bankruptcy because I have not starred for a long time. Are wondering how I decided to go to Ukraine? I just spun a globe and stopped my finger on Ukraine J Needless to say, I have known nothing about it. After searching on the Internet, I was shocked how stunning Ukraine is.

As for Ostroh, I have only heard that there is ancient university here and it was interesting for me how people live in small towns. I cannot imagine how people can live in some houses that look like shelters I think they deserve better life, they are so hospitable and generous, I mean their national food J But I gloss over it because lately I ensured this town is full of historical buildings and if to count the size of the town, it’s incredible. But the peak of my impressions was Ostroh Academy.  I don’t want to talk it up, but it’s a real pearl of Ukraine. It’s the first university in Eastern Europe, namely it was established in 1576. I was amased with all this stories about Princess Halshka, her prosperous uncle, mystical underground and about Ostroh’s power in 16th century. Reception was very warm, especially I remember the words of rector: ‘If you have visited academy once, you will be sick with it forever’ J I don’t want to embellish this words, but yes, I really miss it.

The only problem that I’m always in a public eye, but this is a destiny of celebrity. And even here in Ukraine I couldn’t cover my life up, but attracted attention of all Ukrainian media. Now I’m thinking about visit to another city or town it will depend on my mood, I hope it will be not less wonderful as previous one J


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