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Ukrainian Story

       Practically every Ukrainian citizen knows about Pereyaslav agreement between Ukraine and Russia. There are a lot of myths about this treaty and some of them I would like to debunk.  
       Pereyaslav agreement was signed on 8th of January, 1654 and now is considered to be a dismal failure for Ukrainian people. The underlying cause of this compact was that Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Ukrainian hetman thought that this treaty would bring beneficial effect for Ukrainians and would save them from their main enemies: Poland and Crimea (because both Ukrainians and Russians were Orthodox). He could not even imagine that he doomed Ukrainian people to sufferings from Russian yoke for more than three centuries, moreover, even now. Lately, Khmelnytsky saw an unforeseen outcome of the treaty that his plan went badly wrong but he could not avert it because of his death.
       The myth number 1 is Moscow state did her best to stand up for Ukraine and immediately declared war on Poland. In fact, events in Poland were adverse for Moscow since tsar was afraid of the same uproar and rebellions as in Ukraine (like nowadays). Furthermore, Khmelnytsky had been waiting for 6 years (!) till Moscow agreed to assist with war.
       The second one is Pereyaslav council was unanimous, it was announced on behalf of all Ukraine (of that time), it encompassed all sections of society and it got nationwide acceptance. As a matter of fact, only 300 people were present on council. 300 people cannot decide the fate of all nation, it was illegal even in 17th century. What is more, Kyiv and other 5 regions refused to serve Moscow tsar.
       The last myth is Moscow saved Ukrainian nation from collapse and war with Poland. Сonversely, the war broke out much more, lately, Moscow brought about the downfall of our statehood, tried to destroy our culture, we suffered from repressions.
       Pereyaslav treaty is one of the biggest mistakes in Ukrainian history. Nowadays our history repeats. We have never been any countries-relatives. Russia is the enemy who was always pretending to be a brother. All the time Ukraine has been solely the delicious slice of cake for Russia and today’s events are confirmation of that.

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