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An Unforeseen Meeting

-          Oh, my God! Kate, I have not seen you for ages!
-        Meghan? Is it you? Are you getting married?
Two friends were surprised and could not say any word. Those, who were sticking together at school, who formed and cemented a lasting friendship just since the first grade who were considered to be two pears in a pot, were split up by destiny and did not keep in contact after prom.
-        Can you imagine? I am so delighted! What do you make of me? Oh, this gorgeous dress! I accepted Mike’s proposal. Oh, but you do not know him. He is the greatest! I fall madly in love with him!
Meghan looked like a chatterbox. ‘Is it my Meghan that was conscientious, naïve and had a heart of gold?’ Kate immediately saw striking difference between former and present Meghan. Sleek auburn hair instead of jet-black natural one, a slim figure and a slender waist without that cute chubby cheeks. Supremely confident and happy-go-lucky smile, lovely complexion and pretentious manner. ‘Nothing familiar was left, except sincere look and sparkling eyes. I should not judge a book by it cover’, thought Kate.
-          Anyway, what about you?
It was not necessary to ask, it was obvious. Kate had disheveled hair, thin face with recent freckles and dark skin. It was youth appearance that had recently become exhausting. ‘Where is that assertive determined girl who was top of the class and a real know-all? I cannot make a snap conclusion, but it seems to somebody hurt her feelings. How could we be the friends we were as different as chalk and cheese?’.
-        As you can see, I am terrible. I fall out with my boy and we broke up two months ago, he cheated on me and had an affair with his secretary. I felt so humiliated! But now I have already settled down and put up with it, our relationship came to an end for good.
She just wanted to speak up, to have somebody to listen to her.
-          Meghan where are you? Our guests are waiting for you! (Mum)
-          My poor Kate! I am so sorry, but I have to go. Darling, it is a pity that you are alone, I promise you we will meet and talk like old times.
Kate could not deny. She was walking and thinking, ’It is not loneliness. It is freedom’.

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