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Green Ukraine 2030

Inhabitants of the Earth need to change their ways of the use-up of non-renewable resources since they are about to run out. That is why, mankind, that can be under threat in the future, has to find a solution of this global problem.  As people are absolutely vital part of the nature, they kill themselves with their extremely harmful activity to the environment. Therefore this problem must be urgently resolved and our government suggests particular solutions of protection of the environment and energy conservation in Ukraine for the next 15 years in our project «Green Ukraine 2030».

Solution №1 Disposal of energy-saving eco light bulbs.
First of all, we should start from ourselves and use energy as effectively and safely as possible. This way, we offer to use energy-saving eco light bulbs as they emit light in five times more than typical bulbs. Furthermore, they afford to reduce the consumption of electricity in 80 %.
The only problem is disposal because these bulbs remain toxic waste. Consequently, we suggest to add 1-2 hryvnias to the price of the bulb  for its disposal. In EU countries’ shops that sell these bulbs, take them back and recycle. We are strongly convinced that Ukraine сan successfully experience the same.

Solution №2 Natural renewable resources
It is not a secret that Sahara can provide the whole Earth with electricity. You are wondering how? It is solar energy. It is known that Ukraine has similar wonder of the nature. Oleskivski Sands, the largest desert in Europe, is located in Kherson region. Installing solar battaries we will provide the region with electricity. The chances are, we will get rid of nuclear energy and, consequently, nuclear waste and prevent us from water, soil and air pollution.
Another way of consumption of renewable energy is portable solar battery. Is very popular with our soldiers because it is the only opportunity to charge their mobile phones. If million of Ukrainians use this appliance, we will save billion of energy every year.

Solution №3 Water treatment plants
Firstly, we need to ban to dump waste water at rivers and seas. Such water must be cleaned and be used for technical purpose. So, it’ll be continuous consumption of the water. Therefore we have made the decision that all the enterprises must be equipped with water treatment plants and these who break the rule must pay high green taxes that we are going to introduce, otherwise, they will be made to stop working.

Solution №4 Deforestation is prohibited
It is widespread belief that forests are the lungs of our planet. Furthermore, thanks to trees, we are provided with paper. One paper is 13-21 gram of high-quality wood. That is why, we decided to introduce volunteering organizations that are going to be ruled by local authorities. We have established the encouragement : the more acres will be planted the more salary they will get. Additionally, to avoid deforestation we bring in extremely high fine.

To sum up, the aim of our campaign is sustainable development of natural conservation. This suggestions are going to be realized and Ukrainians will do their bit against disasters which we are able to avert.

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